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Jay Lane

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4 Responses to CONTACTS

  1. alan holloway says:

    acheter fosamax although the day started slowly with all the fish pecking the small black buzzer and not taking the fly into their mouth. It was 3pm when I finally hooked and landed a nice 2lb’er which was immediately returned. The fish took a damsel fly nymph from under the trees on the west side of the island.

  2. Pete Wesson says:

    Buy Lasix Would just like to say how myself Barry and Colin enjoyed our time at your fishery.
    We had a little sport, should do better when we re-visit when the weather is more favourable. The little Grebes are dabchicks (my mistake..schoolboy error… its a long time since i was one of those, so lets say silver surfer error!) The sausages were great worth the trip just for those. see you again soon. Best regards Pete

  3. Hilary Muray says:

    compra pilex Many thanks to you all for the warm welcome at Jay Farm. Also for your patience with two novices. We enjoyed the whole experience and will definitely return if only to buy your delicious sausages. Regards Hilary.

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